Li Chevalier

Li Chevalier is a Chinese born artist who moved to France in the 1980s. She found her artistic vocation in European cities; first, in Paris, where she graduated from the Sorbonne in 1991. She then moved on to Florence, then London where she graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

Working at the crossroad of Europe and Asia for the past few decades, she is most known for her “Euro-Asian” art language born out of blending western media and elements of eastern traditional art. Chevalier’s experimental ink painting style can be identified by her personal way of incorporating Chinese ink into canvas, blended with pigment, mineral chips, sand and elements of Chinese art such as rice paper and calligraphy. By using such mixed media, she transcends the classical ink-on-paper model.

Chevalier has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, the National Art Museum of China, Fine Art Museum of Shanghai, the Chinese National Opera,  the Centre d’Art Contemporain La Base Sous-Marine of Bordeaux, Contemporary Art Museum of Rome, Siena Museum Complex, among many other cultural institutions around the world.

Mirage To Karol Beffa, photography on aluminium
H39 x W85, £poa
From Me Flows What you Call Time, mixed media ink
H100 x W100, £poa
Au Bord du Savoir, mixed media ink
H63 x W43cm, £poa
Desert VI, photography
H30 x W30cm, £poa